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AI for Net New Assets. TIFIN AG’s advanced algos help advisors with better client acquisition, retention, and expansion.

Delivering enriched
data for actionable intelligence 

TIFIN AG is powered by a proprietary algo ensemble, unifying wealth data sources, and delivering growth through actionable feedback loops.

Modules for AI-
Powered Growth

Prioritize Prospects

A ranked list of your existing prospects based on their similarity to your top clients and the propensity to engage with your content digitally.

Network Prospects

A list of new leads with direct connections to current clients, ranked by similar characteristics and propensity to engage with your firm digitally.

Asset Consolidator

A ranked list of your existing clients who are most likely to consolidate their held-away assets under your management, prioritizing those who “look and act like” previous consolidators.

Assets At-Risk

A ranked list of your most at-risk clients based upon their historical transaction activity, behavior, and similarity in demographics when compared to previously lost clients.

Workplace Prospects

A list of new leads (employees) within an organization at any specific location, ranked by similarity to your current clients and propensity to engage with your firm digitally.

Adjacent Business Leads

A prioritized list of adjacent business clients who are the best fit for the firm’s advisory services.

Advisor Lead Match

A list of your existing prospects to advisors in your firm based on best-fit similarity to the advisor’s client base.



  • One of the largest financial data lakes
  • First party data on over 3 million individuals across our sister companies.


  • Data cleansing and enrichment at speed
  • Convert minimal data into actionable intelligence within 3 days


  • Transform prospect lists into prioritized target lists who look and act like your best clients.
  • Convert prioritized leads to clients using AI/ML models


  • Nurture leads through marketing campaigns
  • Capture engagement data to enhance ML algos and improve future prioritization accuracy.